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Night Time
The sensuality of this night
Awakens desires of the dark
As the stars light up velvet skies
Vicious malice unleashes innocents' cries
With silver moon as his acquaintance
Morpheus' embrace sooths the tired minds
Silence of the dead sings insomnia to sleep
And faraway dream-lands chant their lulllaby
When the black descends from above closed eyes
Nightmares come to life  
:iconalluring-sin:Alluring-Sin 2 4
The purity of such disguise
Hides intentions of the dark
For the lust for forgiveness
Brings only sheer despaír
I am only a humble sinner
Seeking for my own redemption
And such I can only achive
If I fullfil the sacrilege deep within
My soul dammning itself
Harbouring such bittersweet thoughts
Drowns it all in a sea of blasphemy
The salvation you offer to me
I shall forever deny
I am only a humble sinner
Seeking for my own redemption
And such I can only achive
If I fullfil the sacrilege deep within
From the depths of my purgatory
I hear the voice of the Fallen One
You try and silence it with sacred words
But my heart tells otherwise
So, willingly, I surrender to his pact
I am a humble sinner
Seeking for the devil that dwells within
Crashing down the angel of my light
I seek the salvation residing in me
In a world where everybody belives in god
I am my own deity…
:iconalluring-sin:Alluring-Sin 4 5
A thougth wanders freely in your chest
Tormenting your tired soul
No rest seems to be cast upon you
Your heart so weak, so dead
You refuse to give the fake feeling away
Trying, reaching, battling...
Non existent tears to be shed
Regret instead of love
Undying sorrow that haunts
These restless dreams
As the emotion remains untruthful
You may say you love me,
But as that lie unfolds, sadly
I encounter you are mine no more
Your lips burn
Your eyes, so cold
Your heart uninviting
You love me not!
:iconalluring-sin:Alluring-Sin 2 10
Moon Oath
Spreading my wings,
Flying towards the night
I pray to dark heavens
For a never-ending sea of silver
Embroidery of diamonds in the black skies
Crowning the Goddess I praise
Her palid face irradiating the ghostly light
That guides my path
For day is my night
And night is my day
I oath to behold
Moon as my queen.
:iconalluring-sin:Alluring-Sin 3 5
Passing by, as an illusion
It's softly presence, slowly caressing the eras
As an eternal breeze it comes
And as a limitless whisper, leaves
Aging young...
Dying immortal...
Un-notticed spell that last an eternity...
:iconalluring-sin:Alluring-Sin 0 3
Heartbreaking was the moment
Heartbreaking was the moment we said Good-bye…
The leaves, softly rustling within the wind
As a whisper heard by Heaven
Into a bird-shaped plea, it flew deep into the blue,
Your good bye...
For sadness blurred my vision and pride damped your eyes
Foolish attempt to keep it all thogether,
The unspoken words of silence remained quiet within our hearts
An unfair farewell was nevermore
An endless pain to be, forevermore
Heartbreaking was the moment we said Good-bye
And unwillingly the tears began to stain
And our wounded wings never to fly again
Such horrific torment to be poured on our scars
Soothing is the venom of our demise
Remember the day you promised never to leave my side?
Oh, such illusive pledge never to be fulfilled!
Foolish attempt to keep it all thogether,
The fake of our love melted, leaving nothing aside
An unfair farewell was nevermore
An endless pain to be, forevermore
Heartbreaking was the moment we said Good-bye
And unwillingly the tears began to stain
And our wound
:iconalluring-sin:Alluring-Sin 3 4


Reading as a Writer
Have you ever set down a book for good because you found something in it you don’t like? If you want to write, I suggest that bad habit end now.
Why, you ask? Because everything you read—and I mean everything–has positive value for you as a writer. Stephen King, and any author worth his or her salt, is a huge advocate of writers reading massive amounts.
Again you ask, why? How can everything be useful? There are a number of reasons and I’ll cover as many as I can.
Reading bad literature teaches you about yourself and shows you what to avoid—or at least how not to do something—in your own work. If you run across something that you don’t like, stop and ask yourself why you don’t like it. Is it just a personal preference? Was it out of place or poorly executed? Does it contradict something from earlier? As soon as you figure out the “why” of something’s badness, you learn a little about yourself and you
:iconfaraleigh:Faraleigh 324 152
A Writer's Guide: Naming Characters
When it comes to writing novels, names often get overlooked in the grand scheme of things. Most of us are happy if we can tell who is talking and we can remember the character’s names for the entirety of the book, but bad names can ruin a book. I don’t know about you, but when I get a hold of a book where the main character’s name is a comical 20-character tangle I can’t pronounce, it ruins the book for me. It’s hard to take a book, or a character, seriously when you want to roll your eyes every time you read the narrative.
In this article I’ve compiled a list of things to consider when naming a character for a novel, and though it’s pretty simple, I hope it serves to help someone in their future endeavors to name a character. Most of this is common sense, but it’s often easy to forget these little tidbits of wisdom when you’re busy trying to figure out if your character makes a better Ashley or a Paige.
Getting a  S
:icondarlingmionette:DarlingMionette 389 88
Writer's Tip: Writing Effective Sentences
Sentences—if the plot is the backbone of a story, then sentences are the muscles and tendons keeping it glued together. Unfortunately, writing solid sentences isn’t easy for everyone. As Human beings, we don’t speak the same way we write. Unless you do a lot of writing, you may have trouble putting together even the simplest of sentences. The last time you took a good look at a sentence and broke it down into its individual parts was probably around 3rd grade. Don’t worry—I’m here to help.
There’s More Than One Type of Sentence
There are (roughly) four different types of sentences, and we’re going to get into each of the different types (with examples!).
Simple Sentences – This is a sentence in its truest form. A simple sentence is the statement of a single idea in a direct, clear way. Most simple sentences contain less than 20 words, but it is best if you keep your word count aver
:icondarlingmionette:DarlingMionette 599 100
Amethyst Geode Style Bangle Bracelet and Pendant by wizardcopy Amethyst Geode Style Bangle Bracelet and Pendant :iconwizardcopy:wizardcopy 904 102
A Cupid roast
"Boss.. I am really not sure it's that good an idea after all..."
A gentle rustle of wings to his left made him jump but he only managed to catch a brief glimpse of movement from the corner of his eyes. They were fast, way too fast, and too many. Never the old man would manage. Again this sound, so similar to dove's wings beating the air, coming nearer and nearer. He could see them in his head, circling him like so many vultures around a carcass.
The dull sound of the detonations echoed through the last swirls of mist and the ground vibrated under the impact of the five bodies landing around him, followed by a gentle tumbling rain of feathers.
"Pick them up, my boy. We still have a lot of things to do so hurry."
With a half disgusted, half appreciative twitch of lips, the young man set to work, putting on the heavy protective gloves that were required in such a line of work. His boss had still a great aim for his age, he had to admit that at least: each of the cupids had been s
:iconspadiekitchenqueen:spadiekitchenqueen 33 36
A Promise She Made With Death
She was conceived on the edge of a mirror,
lined with pretty white lace,
that burned the inside of her parents' nostrils.
She was born with a hole in her heart,
that the doctor's never noticed,
and no one bothered to fill.
She met Death on the playground,
when kindergarten was bending her bones.
Enticed by the glinting of his scythe,
as it preyed on a malformed baby rabbit.
She made a pinky promise with him,
swearing that she'd never forget his face.
He came and went,
swayed by corpse breaths
and east-coast winds,
but always leaving her alone.
He showed her how to hurt,
in the worst kind of way.
And each time,
he paid her a visit,
he'd take someone back with him.
She often asked where he would go,
when his curled claws would drag her mother,
her father,
her sister,
and every love she'd ever fallen for,
into the darkness that he crawled from.
All he'd say,
was that she'd find them again someday,
and that he would take her to them, personally.
But as February,
of her fourteenth year,
:iconsoimstillunsure:SoImStillUnsure 561 280
Off to Work by FrancisDelapazPhoto Off to Work :iconfrancisdelapazphoto:FrancisDelapazPhoto 1,031 272
Fairy Tale
“Accept my hand, and give share of your land, or I will be forced to enforce my demand” said he, who beneath his hideous mask, watched her intensely.
With frown, she met his eyes of brown, “Tis not my land to which I can give share, cannot your request be more fair?”
His mouth of grin, fell down and pulled thin, “Defiant Lizard Queen! One more time will I ask thee. Do not refuse me twice, for I will not make this offer thrice!”.
Kneeling before her to take her hand, was her loyal but withering, second-in-command.
“Your majesty,” he addressed her gently, “be not intimidated nor fooled; for you are the last true sovereign of this Kingdom your great father built and ruled. We, your humble people, who indeed hail you as both our Queen and King; beseech you to consider the suffering his people will surely bring”.
“Fear not my most trusted friend, for I will not be the one to bring my families reign to an end”.
The Queen
:iconmadamsarah:madamsarah 115 28
d o l l m a k e r
i am cracked stained-glass,
i am windswept flowers,
& i am the untouched puppet-master
spread in your downcast towers;
i am indifferent crimson,
i am luminescent lilac,
& i am the broken dollmaker
when your lunacy is greatly intact;
i am undoubtedly breakable,
i am indubitably fragile,
& i am a fractured stonework,
but i am never docile;
i am your circus plaything,
i am your sliced puppet strings,
& i am your heaven & hell –
drifting in the current of faith, i sing:
that i am irreparably torn,
i am your heartbreak syndrome,
& i am spider webs & holiday wine
in eclipsed nights spent alone;
i am the pulled-asunder,
i am the drowned circuit breaker,
& and i am your worst enemy
so please forgive this broken
d o l l m a k e r . . .
:iconcrooked-clockwork:crooked-clockwork 17 6
psychology defines schizophrenia
as an impairing, delusional disorder
borne in the person’s inexorable inability
to tell right from wrong,
hopeless fantasy from harsh reality,
or even suspicion from acceptance
but aspen is a lovely, flexible woman
with names of imperial animal races
that never belonged to them,
with the countless colors of her eyes that
she makes up with named numbers
written in cursive sharpie on her palms
she takes pills that seem to
dampen & take away those charming
things she always says to me;
the voices don’t haunt or tease her,
they’ve always respected the way she
counted with willpower & the way she lived
psychology defines schizophrenia
as a disorder in which one cannot escape
their head long enough to
stop the thoughts of self-destruction,
to halt the onset of war on their
bodies as the asphalt hits their head
but aspen is a star amid the wreckage
when she asks you to hold her
until she can’t hear the bad numbers
crunching her ears int
:iconcrooked-clockwork:crooked-clockwork 699 211
You Spoony Bard! by Lost-Remnant You Spoony Bard! :iconlost-remnant:Lost-Remnant 2 1 Hades and the Twins by Luna-Akari Hades and the Twins :iconluna-akari:Luna-Akari 156 56 The Letter (SPN animation) by CopperKidd The Letter (SPN animation) :iconcopperkidd:CopperKidd 34 7 Indivisible by MissySerendipity Indivisible :iconmissyserendipity:MissySerendipity 294 30 Silent Hill 2 Fun Part 03 by CopperKidd Silent Hill 2 Fun Part 03 :iconcopperkidd:CopperKidd 138 11 Final Fantasy Returns - Flash Game by HlYA Final Fantasy Returns - Flash Game :iconhlya:HlYA 470 31



Dissidia - Zidane PSP love by daughterofMyou

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